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The EUDR stands for the European Union Deforestation free Regulation, a law to ensure that products do not contribute to deforestation or forest degradation. It covers the commodities soy, beef, palm oil, timber, cocoa, rubber and coffee and products derived from them. All companies will have to comply with certain obligations in the law. Wondering which obligations your company has? Take one minute and do the check!

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The picture shows Greta Thunberg addressing the European Parliament in 2019. In the same year, the EU Green Deal will be concluded and since then a broad set of regulations such as the EUDR is being developed. From 29 June 2023, the law will be in force, after which companies will have 1.5 years to comply. This has a major impact on companies that import or export as well as those that further trade or process the products.

In a nutshell, companies must demonstrate that they have taken due diligence to avoid their products contributing to deforestation or forest degradation. To demonstrate this, they have to gather a lot of information about their supply chain and the source where the raw materials were produced. This is followed by a risk analysis on about 14 topics to then take any risk reduction measures. The final result is a due diligence declaration that must be delivered to a central EU information system before the products are imported or exported. Companies that further trade or process the products are required to pass on the information on this due diligence statement to their customers.

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