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Respect for nature and environment

Our vision and mission

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We are committed to a future where respect for our environment is the guiding principle. We work to safeguard natural raw materials and resources for future generations. By promoting the use and application of renewable raw materials, we contribute to the fight against climate change together with our customers.


Through our services, we promote the use of globally recognised labels and certification schemes that guarantee the responsible and sustainable origin of products. We advise companies on how to integrate certification requirements into their operations and processes. One of our core competences is the management and administration of group certificates. These certificates facilitate and simplify the certification process for companies.

We focus on labels that guarantee responsible and sustainable origin of products. Only through the proper use of our natural resources can we secure our future and that of our children and future generations. We believe that the key to this lies in a harmonious balance between ecological, social and economic aspects. Therefore, our actions are always characterised by respect – for nature, people and business.

We continuously strive to improve our quality and, at the same time, explore new ways to contribute to a good future for people and the environment. To define these ambitions, we have created an internal ethical Code of Conduct that forms the basis for our business operations. Curious? Click here to learn more.