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RSPO certification

The label of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) was created to provide sustainable palm oil on the market. Palm oil with the RSPO label guarantees that at least 95% of the palm oil used in a product was produced sustainably. RSPO certified palm oil does not contribute to the destruction of natural forests or the habitats of endangered species. In addition, requirements include criteria in relation to the use of pesticides, wastewater management, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, the focus is on respecting the rights of workers and local communities.

Supply chain certificate

Companies that process or trade products containing palm oil can prove through supply chain certification that the palm oil is sustainably sourced. If your company joins our group certificate, you will be allowed to use the RSPO label on products and for promotional purposes, and your company will be included in the international database of RSPO certified companies.

RSPO certified palm oil

  • helps meet the growing global demand for food;
  • supports affordable prices for food;
  • supports the fight against poverty;
  • protects social interests, communities and workers and
  • contributes to the protection of flora and fauna.

Are you interested in contributing to the sustainable production of palm oil and being able to demonstrate this commitment to your customers? In that case, join our RSPO group certificate. Check our progress at

An RSPO group certificate is suitable for palm oil processors, traders, manufacturers and retailers. Companies that use less than 500 tonnes of palm oil annually in their products can become part of our RSPO group certificate.

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