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Project certification

Companies in the construction sector have the option of obtaining FSC® certification for selected projects.

This form of certification is tailor-made for companies that purchase materials on a project basis and want to declare per project that FSC certified materials have been used. Because the requirements of the certificate are closely linked to business practice, the administrative burden is minimal.

One-time project certification

Construction companies that want to deliver a specific project as FSC certified once can obtain a single project certification. This means that the company is certified for the duration of the specific project and only that particular project can be declared as FSC certified.

Eenmalige projectcertificering

Bouwbedrijven die eenmalig een project als FSC-gecertificeerd willen opleveren, kunnen een eenmalige projectcertificering behalen. Dit betekent dat het bedrijf voor de duur van het specifieke project gecertificeerd wordt en alleen dat project als FSC-gecertificeerd wordt opgeleverd.

Continuous project certification

If construction companies want to deliver multiple projects as FSC certified over a longer period of time, there is the possibility of continuous project certification. This type form of certification is possible either through group certification or individual certification.

Only main contractors in a construction project can obtain project certification, although it is possible to work with subcontractors. At the end of the project, the construction company can provide the client with a project declaration stating that the project or parts thereof are FSC certified.

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