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Are you part of the fishing industry as a entrepreneur? Sustainability will certainly play a big part in your day to day business. Consumers can only recognize responsibly caught or farmed fish by a quality mark: MSC for wild fish, ASC for farmed fish.

Do you want to carry the MSC logo or ASC logo on your products, but do you foresee mountains of paperwork and lengthy procedures? Then join our MSC and ASC group certificates and guarantee yourself of a fast and affordable certification.


MSC - Certified sustainable seafood

MSC certification

The oceans are home to an extraordinary variety of life. Much of this life is essential to human livelihoods and food security. The Marine Stewardship Council strives to maintain healthy fish stocks in the world and for the future. It is internationally the most recognizable label for sustainable wild-caught fish. Seafood is also covered by MSC certification.


ASC certification

Nowadays, worldwide more farmed than wild-caught fish is consumed. The Aquaculture Stewardship Council is the largest independent label for sustainable fish farming. ASC has the ambition to make aquaculture an environmentally and socially responsible sector.