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Multi-site certification

We advise and support companies that have multiple sites on how to obtain their own multi-site certification.

With this form of certification, all company-owned sites are united under one certificate and share an associated certificate code. In many cases this is a cost-effective way of certification when there are more than three or four affiliated sites. Companies can also opt for customised services, such as staff training, assistance in implementing changes to applicable regulations or revising operational procedures and processes.

With multi-site certification, an important role is reserved for the head office. The head office manages the certificate and ensures that the requirements of the label are met at all sites. Part of this is an annual internal audit of the sites. We have extensive experience with internal audits as part of the management of group certificates and can support your company during the internal audit process. Alternatively, you can easily conduct the internal audits yourself using our online client portal My DuraCert.

Advice and guidance

Our experienced DuraCert employees help introduce the certification requirements both at the head office and at the sites. In addition, they supervise and support the design and implementation of the processes and operating procedures. After our pre-audit you can arrange for the initial audit to be carried out by a certification body of your choice. If you wish, you can continue to use the services of our customer portal My DuraCert for your certificate afterwards.

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