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EUDR: Do the check!

Is your product covered by EUDR legislation?

The law applies to products you import or purchase, as well as those you manufacture or sell. These are products that appear on a list established by the EU with their HS (customs goods) code. Look up your product's HS code and click on this link to check if your product is included.  

Are you the first company in the supply chain to bring the products to the EU market?

The EU market consists of the European Economic Area (EEA) countries. This includes procurement from the internal market. In the case of timber, for example, this includes the purchase of standing timber. 

Click here for an overview of these countries.

Do you export products or raw materials from the EU market?

The EUDR applies not only when you import products or raw materials, but also when you export them from the EU market.

Does your company exceed two or more of the criteria below?

  • Balance sheet total max. 20,000,000 EURO

  • Net turnover max. 40,000,000 EURO

  • Workforce max. 250 FTE