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Algemene voorwaarden


We promise to:

  1. do our utmost to maintain the group certificate that you choose to join;
  2. inform you about the regulations concerning the group certificate that you choose to join;
  3. not increase the prizes for your certification during the periode of our agreement. Exceptions are changes in requirements, rising fuel prices, or causes which were not reasonably foreseeable;
  4. make our best effort to keep all the systems online that allow you to access your certification administration;
  5. keep all information that relates to your business confidential;
  6. comply with all applicable regulations and law.


You promise to:

  1. pay our invoices within the given timeframe;
  2. cooporate with internal and external audits;
  3. give us access to relevant information necessary for the certification;
  4. not end our agreement before the end-date of the contract. An earlier ending of the contract will result in an extra cost of maximum one yearly contribution;
  5. not hold us liable in case of damage resulting from the non-accessibility of online systems;
  6. keep all information (documents, login credentials, online application data) provided by DuraCert for yourself, and not share this with third parties. DuraCert will remain owner of the data;
  7. comply with all applicable Dutch regulations and law;
  8. not to use the label exclusively for promotional purposes.